Saturday, February 19, 2011

This short write up is from the Sovereign Investor. There is a bill already in the House to confiscate individual IRAs and 401Ks and being considered. This is not a joke and needs to be seriously considered for your personal investment. Think about it, if this happens and you have 100K, 500K or whatever amount, if the Gov does this outright theft, you will no longer been physically entitled to this money. Yes that's right, it will be legally stolen from you!! What will you get in return? The Gov's promise to pay you a minimal % return yearly. But wait, isn't that what Soc Sec is? Yes, but Soc Sec is bankrupt like the country and what the Gov needs by taking these retirement accounts is a further way to continue spending as the dollars value declines. This is and will be the continued and utter destruction financially of the US.

Good luck and invest well!!

Uncle Sam Wants Your Retirement Money

The guys in Washington are getting desperate.
For years, our government has relied on the major Asian players like China and Japan to finance our debt. I’m sure you’ve heard this story. We bought their stuff, and they bought our Treasuries and other U.S. paper.
This system worked out great for us.
Today, that’s no longer the case. We’re the biggest financial losers on Earth…
Our national debt is a staggering $14 trillion! Worse, foreign investors don’t trust us to pay it down – so they’ve cut off our cash flow.
In short, the government needs Treasury buyers. So the guys in Washington are turning to you… and your cash-rich retirement plan to buy up those unwanted Treasuries.

Another Social Security?

The Department of Labor and U.S. Treasury Department are looking into ways to promote the conversion of retirement plans into an “annuity payment.”
But here’s what you need to know: An “annuity payment” is really government speak for forcingyou (think: mandatory Social Security contributions) to buy U.S. Treasuries with your retirement money.
And most likely, the government wants to lock you into those low-yielding 30-year Treasuries that foreign investors no longer want. That way, they can finance a mountain of deficits for decades to come.
Imagine that 100% of your retirement is tied to the dollar, a declining asset and backed by a practically worthless government IOU. It’s the last asset you’d want to own for your retirement.
What’s more, the timing coincides with the beginning of the retirement of the Baby Boomers. Think about it, beginning next year the first wave of the 76 million Baby Boomers will begin turning 65 and there will be a ton of money flowing into treasuries each year for the foreseeable future.
Make no mistake about it, Uncle Sam wants your retirement plan – and there’s really only one thing you can do to protect yourself – get your retirement money offshore while you still can. They are coming for it and you are running out of time.

Uncle Sam Will Tell You When You Can Take Your Own Money

(And they won’t let you take it all at once)
A major step towards the forced purchase of treasuries will come through a fundamental change in the way you take the money out of your retirement plan.
Federal lawmakers want to remove all of the flexible withdrawal options you have. They want to force you to withdraw money in equal payments over your remaining life span, known in the industry as a lifetime annuity.
An annuity is a steady stream of income that will be paid to the retiree over the remainder of his life expectancy.  A 67-year-old male would receive his payments over a 15-year period. Contrast this with the rules in place today that give you the ability to withdraw all the funds as a lump sum or as needed after reach age 59 ½. (The current rules require mandatory distributions begin by age 70 ½.)

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