Friday, September 25, 2009

Looking at Support here with confluence of Weekly S1 @ 132.16, 127.2 PDMM projected from CHOD @ 132.13 and 100 PDMM projected from last swing high @ 132.08.

Example of the 100 PDMM projected from the PDC being hit. I have found that often times the PDC is used for all the fib projections during the Asian session but mostly with the JPY pairs. Then throughout the day the new highs or lows are used for the projection point.

After our large run down on 9/24, the retracement hit the 61.8 PDMM projected from the CLOD. Another perfect example of the target levels being hit.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is the result from the trade signal called at New York open. Price reversed and broke the weekly pivot. Price stopped at the 161.8 PDMM projected from the CHOD. When the 100 PDMM is broken, this is a very highly hit level.

100 PDMM projected from CLOD hit. Looking at this for Res and reversal.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Still short biased with target at D fulfilling 100 MM. This will also complete Harmonic Gartley and with that completion, looking long.

Initial target hit, looking at 2nd  target levels. 1.4665/53

USDCAD hit 61.8 PDMM projected from the CLOD and couldn't close above, good reversal signal.

Confluence of 61.8 PDMM projected from the CHOD, Daily Floor Pivot and 38.2 retracement forming support level. Current long bias.

If today doesn't close above Weekly R1, may see more short action.

Looking to see if 38.2 retracement and confluence with prior days 100 PDMM holds as support.

Looking short. Confluence of 78.6 retracement of harmonic CD leg and 127.2 PDMM projected from the CLOD. Only concern is the Daily Pivot now possibly acting as support.

The next Res level to look short is at 125.19/29. Confluence of 88.6 of CD, 150/162 PDMM zone and R1 floor pivot.

Looking short. Price has move to the 61.8 PDMM projected from the low. Since this level hasn't been broken just prior to New York, it should be a good level to short from. The other confirmation is price is against the high from 3 days earlier.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Target hit

Monday, September 21, 2009

EU has retraced to 50 PDMM projected from CLOD. This is in confluence with the weekly pivot. Looking for the 50/62 PDMM zone to hold as EURUSD may continue short.

Price has fallen to 100 PDMM projected from the CHOD. This is in confluence with Fri S3. Next level of support is Daily Floor pivot S2 @ 1.4600, this is also confluence with Thurs S2.

We now have the weekly pivot rotating below the monthly pivot and the daily pivot stepping in a downward direction. Is this a new trend short?