Thursday, January 13, 2011


The most recent POMO schedule and the amount of money the Fed Res is buying. QE2 as it is called.

Source and commentary, Larry Levin.

Free $$$ Schedule

Although today was another up day on Fraud Street, it was yet again accompanied by ridiculously low volume.  The lack of volatility is also miraculous but we know why: the Federal Reserve and the ECB have declared that nothing is allowed to fail and no bondholders will ever have to take a loss on a terrible investment.  There is no fear.  Let’s be blunt – because of the Fed and its QE/POMO there is no free market.
Since I have been asked relentlessly when the next POMO operation will take place I decided to post the schedule.  However, the pertinent question is really: when ISN’T the Fed conducting a $$multi-billion give away to the very banksters that nearly brought the entire global financial system to a permanent end?  (Seen even ONE in handcuffs yet? Neither have I.)
There are only two non-POMO days over the next month - Monday, January 17 and Wednesday, January 26. All other days have a POMO operation scheduled.  EVERY other day over the next month the greedy banksters will be pilfering more of your money – and ramping equities higher in the fashion of your favorite Euro-trash central planner.
The estimated giveaway for Treasuries over the next month is $112 BILLION.  Annualized, this comes to roughly the amount that the White House and Congress are deficit spending.  Watch Bernanke lie to us again tomorrow afternoon when he claims that he is not monetizing the debt.  Uh – huh.

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